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Anne Frank Tree Poem

“Anne Frank Tree Poem”

by Jhe Russell

Performed at the Anne Frank Tree Planting Ceremony, April 29, 2022

No need for money in Memory Bank 

Let me speak Anne Frank 

The secret to Annex, flank 

Annex means to tie by binding, 

Drawing blank 

Religion comes from religare latin 

Also to tie by binding, my think tank 

Tells me that cortex in brain means bark of tree 

In etymology 

Kabbalah means tree of life in this ministry 

We must ask ourselves why we miss letters 

From A to Z, 

Kabbalah hides Allah unity within this holy sea 

It will cost many to be hollow, love trees of immortality 

We must rethink the term crazy, 

Plants relate to all of us personally 

Thalamus in brain in etymology means a flower 

I had plants die and come back to life with power 

From chanting hare krishna, i received new prayer plants in this tower 

The term synagogue is pedagogue never sour 

Ped means child, gogue means to protect in this hour 

Anne Frank is every child to protect 

We replant this tree of life in Iowa with human respect

Jhe Russell holds an MFA in dance from the University of Iowa. He is a choreographer, teacher, and poet.
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