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Anne Frank and Her Story
GRMN:2620:0001 | Fall 2021
Instructor: Dr. Kirsten Kumpf Baele
Course Description:
While in school, many of us read Anne Frank’s diary, saw her story staged, or watched one of its many movie renditions. Anne and her family’s secret hiding space during the Occupation in the center of Amsterdam—now the well-known Anne Frank House—draws over a million tourists each year. Widely read and translated, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl has come to serve as an educational and formative experience for young readers, particularly when explaining the history of the Holocaust and the Second World War. In her biography of Anne Frank, Melissa Müller suggests that Anne’s name is synonymous with “humanity, tolerance, human rights, and democracy; her image is the epitome of optimism and the will to live.” She has come to serve as the icon for victims of the Holocaust, but why and how is this the case? After all, there exist a number of other diaries composed by young individuals in hiding, and yet their stories are barely known. Our course centers on the act of storytelling and how individuals represent their personal histories and narratives and celebrate a shared humanity. Today, new forms of media allow for innovative ways to express, record, share, and consume a story. As we study the various journals, we will discover and exercise our own forms of storytelling and the ways we relate to one another.

Film and Literature of the Holocaust
GRMN:2618 | Fall 2021
Instructor: Elke Heckner
Course Description

Politics/Memory: Holocaust-Genocide-9/11
GRMN:2675 | Fall 2021
Instructor: Elke Heckner
Course Description

The Bible and the Holocaust
RELS:2775 | Fall 2021
Instructor: Jay Holstein
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Global Jewish History
HIST:1040 | Fall 2021
Instructor: Ari Ariel
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Intro to Trauma and Resilience
PSQF:3700:0EXW | Fall 2021
Instructor: Harmony Linden
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Off-Campus Courses

Iowa Youth Writing Project Anne Frank Sapling Workshop (Virtual)
Dates: June 5, June 12, June 19, 2021
Instructors: Allison Baumann, Kirsten Kumpf Baele, and Meghan Maleri
Ages: 11–15
Cost: Free / Sliding scale | REGISTER
In this workshop series, we will welcome the Anne Frank sapling through reflective reading, writing, and discussion. Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate! Together, we will contemplate the legacy of Anne Frank, write creative work inspired by her diary, and draw parallels between her struggle and the manifold challenges we face today. Students will also be invited to enter an essay contest whose winner will give a public reading at the planting of the sapling in April 2022.